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IVF success rates rise with 40% with new IVF method

Doctors at Newcastle University developed new technology which rose IVF success rates with 40%. They made this by creating laboratories which mimic conditions found inside the womb.

This Technology promises that financial costs will reduce for this treatment and this is another great news for women. Because of IVF is not fail-safe, it could be cost much more than you expected.

In Vitro Fertilization has some steps that should be done. The embryo should be grown in an incubator before placed into the womb. But doctors have to check Embryo under the microscope, and here is the problem. This can make air and temperature change for Embryo, which however can be potential harmful for process.

So Doctors at Newcastle developed some “lab in box” which has in-built microscopes in the incubators. This method solves many problems.

Now Pregnancy rates in the clinic where this system already have installed rose with 40%.

Labs in the Netherlands, Canada and Thailand have all installed systems based on the Newcastle design.




You should know about 4 foods for increasing Fertility

When woman is pregnant, it is an exciting time for her. So there are many ways to increase chances of getting pregnant. The good nutrition is one of the best way for this. We tried to give information about these foods.

1. At first you need to eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Especially citrus fruits, strawberries, mushrooms and spinach, can increase fertility. Adequate folic acid is also very important in a pre-pregnancy diet to decrease the risk of birth defects. It is important to get B and C vitamins. His help can make also guy. He can eat apples which  raises the sperm count in men. As Tomato, avocado, pink grapefruit and watermelon increases both sperm motility and count. at last, bananas are very useful for making sperm more productive.

2. Milk products

You should drink whole milk. This helps with ovulation. Also Ice cream is good option.

3. Plant Protein vs Animal Protein

Protein from plants is more good for becoming pregnant than animal protein. You can replace meat with tofu, soy and etc when you are trying become pregnant.

4. Zinc-rich foods like crab…

Try to get Zinc-rich foods. It is beneficial as for men, as women. Crab, nuts, bean seeds and oysters are very useful.

IVF in Eastern Europe – Five Things You Should Know

IVF in  Eastern Europe – Five  Things You Should Know 

Treatment in Eastern Europe is cheaper, but…

….this is partly because the fertility drugs are cheaper in these countries. You’ll probably know that everything’s cheaper in Eastern Europe – cheap food, cheap vodka, cheap hotel insurance. You also need to be aware that you will received a different service in Eastern Europe. Check to find out what kind of aftercare is included in the package you opt for. Find out all you can about the clinic you have chosen before making a decision, and be mindful that standards of regulation differ from country to country. Discuss with your GP if you are in doubt. On the plus side almost all the care staff you will encounter will speak English, and the doctors there keep up with all the latest developments in IVF treatments.

Treatment in Eastern Europe is more successful, but…

…be aware that this is partly because they use different treatment techniques to those of the US and UK. Clinics implant more embryos per cycle, which means the success rates seem higher. This is fine, but be mindful that this could mean more chance of a multiple birth, with the attendant increase in the chance of birth defects. This said, the occurrence of multiple births is dropping progressively as treatments improve.

Treatment for IVF is getting harder to obtain in the UK…

The UK Government limits IVF treatment to one cycle per couple, where the woman is between 23 and 39, a cause of infertility has been diagnosed and after they have been trying to have a baby naturally for two years. In some areas of the country it is even harder to secure treatment. For many this only leaves the option of private treatment open to them.

Fertility Tourism is increasing…

It is good news is that Fertility Tourism to Eastern Europe is increasing. The trend could increase further too. Some 4% of medical tourists get fertility treatment, and this number is likely to rise as financial pressures limit the number of IVF rounds couples are entitled to on the NHS. An new EU directive on cross-border healthcare, which was passed in January 2011, comes into force in 2013 which will make things easier too. The directive establishes patients’ rights to be reimbursed for treatment they receive in other EU countries, and could lead to more West Europeans travelling to Eastern Europe for care. As with anything which is in demand, if there is a good customer base it’s easier to find out what you will be signing up for. Make full use of forums to find out about other people’s experiences and make sure you find out all you can about what to expect when you arrive. Word of mouth and recommendation is invaluable, so don’t neglect to ask all you can of your friends in the forum.

It might be tough being abroad…

Many women overlook this side of the Fertility Abroad deal, but a bit of planning can make it much easier. You may need to be away from home for between three to five weeks during treatment. Some women find this very difficult and stressful. In a country where you don’t speak the language it can be a really lonely, isolating experience.  To you’re your time away from your loved ones more bearable make sure you find out as much as you can about the area you will be staying in before you set off. Is there an ExPat community you could meet up with, for some instant socialising and interest? Get onto the internet and find a forum for people who speak your language and will be local.  Why not be open about why you’re visiting? Other women can be very supportive and might be happy to share your joy or support you should things not go to plan. You could also ask good friends to come out and visit you in your chosen country and plan some good days out for when they arrive. You could write a diary or blog to keep your friends up to date with your progress – it might be useful for other women to see how your trip has gone. A video diary is another idea. Anything to keep you engaged during the treatment will make the time pass more quickly.

The Message Is Clear

Fertility treatment is a difficult path to choose, whether at home or abroad. The message about travelling abroad is very clear however. Yes there are advantages, but do your homework first, and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.


Egg Donation

Egg Donation

The first Egg donation was made in July 1983.  It was huge step in IVF.

Egg Donation is the procedure  when using another woman’s eggs for conception by a recipient couple. Egg Donor should be women with age of 21-35. She also must be in excellent health, as in physical as in mental health.  Before Egg donation, women must be full understanding of the process…

There are many clinics for this, and if you really want to be Egg Donor, you can contact them. At this moment privacy is secured very strong. Clinics have their Lists of woman who are ready for Egg donation, so when couple searches women for this they are offering various ways.

Egg donation became needed more and more. Infertility Couples want Egg donation, because of female partner, who cannot have genetic children because she may not have eggs that can generate a viable pregnancy.

Egg donation has no effect on ability to have children in future… Payment for Egg donor is various in various countries, but average number for this is around $5,000-$7,000.

If you want to know that will you have scar or not, answer is sample, Egg retrieval usually done through the vagina. It is done while you are sleep.

Last factor that i will consider your attention in this post is about question that How can you be sure the parents won’t give you back this baby some day? Yes its another problem, and you must see Law and contract too good for answer this question.


How to Choose an IVF Clinic

Many couples decide to seek In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to have baby, but before you start it, you must know some details about clinic… Here are some Questions which you must review when seeking clinic…

1. You must ask clinics representative about Clinic’s statistics

So what is Clinic’s statistics? Its number which Clinics get year to year and this is depending on the numbers of cycles that are performed there. If Clinic makes small number of cycles, so there will be not as good success rates and errors will be more.

2. Ask Clinic about their Success Rates.

It is the most important thing which you should depend when choosing clinic. If true success rates are high, so you can clearly trust clinic. (But of course there is some percent of errors).

IVF success rates are depending on some different factors:

  • Skill and competence of Clinic Team
  • The quality of sperm
  • The quality of egg
  • And etc

3. What are real chances for you to getting pregnant?

Every Human is individual, so everyone has individual chances, You must know what is your chances and what thinks about you doctor.

4. Who is IVF Clinic Staff and are they really good professionals?

Yes, there are some clinics which have no staff and team for doing this job well. So you must pick every information about Clinic where you going to do IVF.

5. And the last thing is implantation rate of the IVF clinic.

This is last thing which you should know. Implantation rate is calculated as clinical pregnancy rate divided by the number of embryos transferred… So this number will show you real situation of Clinic.

In Vitro Fertilization Ivf

In Vitro Fertilization Ivf



Infertility means that couple will not have baby without some technical methods of fertilization. One of popular method is In Vitro Fertilization IVF. There are also Intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI and similar ones.  These are new advanced technologies for women to became pregnant.

In Vitro Fertilization IVF was used in 1981 and since this more than 250000 babies have been born using it. You will see many times the term “Test tube baby” which refers babies born with this way. IVF also is used when man has sperm problems, like, low sperm count and etc.

Nowadays In Vitro Fertilization IVF is recognized as worldwide established treatment for infertility.

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization

Nowadays there are big problems in many families  around the world. This belongs to Fertilization. In Vitro Fertilization is one of the great way to solve this problems and make partner happy.

Many thinks that it is not possible, but today’s success rates tell another.

There are many In Vitro Fertilization Clinics all over the world and they have not same prices. Of course there are good, the best and the worst ones but we and this site will help you to choose the best of the best.

In Vitro Fertilization, in a nutshell IVF, is best treatment infertility when other methods of reproductive technology have failed. It’s the process when egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the body.

Robert G. Edwards was the doctor who developed treatment. He received Noble Prize in 2010.


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