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How to Choose an IVF Clinic

Many couples decide to seek In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to have baby, but before you start it, you must know some details about clinic… Here are some Questions which you must review when seeking clinic…

1. You must ask clinics representative about Clinic’s statistics

So what is Clinic’s statistics? Its number which Clinics get year to year and this is depending on the numbers of cycles that are performed there. If Clinic makes small number of cycles, so there will be not as good success rates and errors will be more.

2. Ask Clinic about their Success Rates.

It is the most important thing which you should depend when choosing clinic. If true success rates are high, so you can clearly trust clinic. (But of course there is some percent of errors).

IVF success rates are depending on some different factors:

  • Skill and competence of Clinic Team
  • The quality of sperm
  • The quality of egg
  • And etc

3. What are real chances for you to getting pregnant?

Every Human is individual, so everyone has individual chances, You must know what is your chances and what thinks about you doctor.

4. Who is IVF Clinic Staff and are they really good professionals?

Yes, there are some clinics which have no staff and team for doing this job well. So you must pick every information about Clinic where you going to do IVF.

5. And the last thing is implantation rate of the IVF clinic.

This is last thing which you should know. Implantation rate is calculated as clinical pregnancy rate divided by the number of embryos transferred… So this number will show you real situation of Clinic.


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