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You should know about 4 foods for increasing Fertility

When woman is pregnant, it is an exciting time for her. So there are many ways to increase chances of getting pregnant. The good nutrition is one of the best way for this. We tried to give information about these foods.

1. At first you need to eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Especially citrus fruits, strawberries, mushrooms and spinach, can increase fertility. Adequate folic acid is also very important in a pre-pregnancy diet to decrease the risk of birth defects. It is important to get B and C vitamins. His help can make also guy. He can eat apples which  raises the sperm count in men. As Tomato, avocado, pink grapefruit and watermelon increases both sperm motility and count. at last, bananas are very useful for making sperm more productive.

2. Milk products

You should drink whole milk. This helps with ovulation. Also Ice cream is good option.

3. Plant Protein vs Animal Protein

Protein from plants is more good for becoming pregnant than animal protein. You can replace meat with tofu, soy and etc when you are trying become pregnant.

4. Zinc-rich foods like crab…

Try to get Zinc-rich foods. It is beneficial as for men, as women. Crab, nuts, bean seeds and oysters are very useful.


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